Tall Black Guy – One To One

Imagine opening your home to 3 vinylcologists & producers to create gems from your massive record collection. That’s exactly what DJ/Producer Mr. Thing did for Tall Black Guy, kidkanevil and Eric Lau to create the double 7″ Record Store Day release, Nothing leaves the House – the lone criteria for the opportune meeting. Want to get some background? Peep the vid and catch any leftovers beginning 5/5/14

Tall Black Guy – One To One

[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmAuQwDFjCg”]

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Posted by DJRahdu

  • This is dope. I’d like to see this become the norm for producers, collectors and labels.

    But yo..if/when my man Mazi Jahi opens his doors, its a wrap! :)

  • BVAX

    Dope shit Rell! That collection was mind boggling.

  • Great video, really lovin’ the vibe of record sampling. It’s really inspiring for a producer like myself to watch. Tall Black Guy is one of the greatest.