Somepling – Mellowbay Keys

French producer Somepling adds to his robust catalogue with Mellowbay Keys, a (as of now) two part journey into the far reaches of sound. A self proclaimed “labor of love”, The Mellowbays Keys project is a grassroots album which is produced and released by Somepling himself. 
Mellowbay Keys Part 1 is an eargasmic avant garde instrumental which is reminiscent of  otherworldy cool jazz. Gentle drums and a Bill Evans-esque piano loop grant the track a featherlike quality. Indistinct vocals add to this aesthetic and make Mellowbay Keys the very definition of mellow.
Mellowbay Keys Part 2 is an eclectic experience encompassing a classic sounding hip hop drum beat with an artillery of jazzy and electronic sounds. Horns and keys loom in the background providing a haunting accompaniment to the cycling melody that molds the sounds into a lustrous blend.
Both aptly named tracks are absolutely stellar and provide an insight at all that Somepling’s euphoric music can provide. Somepling utilizes his arsenal of creativity to deliver a refreshing experience that will leave you with an insatiable hunger for more.  The limited edition album can be purchased at Somepling’s bandcamp.

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Posted by Mighty Andy