presents Some Jazz7

Thanks to everyone who listens, appreciates, downloads and spreads the word about our [some] jazz series. On a whim i decided to share a compilation I prepared for myself and it’s become one of the more popular series on the site. Here’s our most recent offering of beautifully arranged and improvised music. Enjoy!

BamaLoveSoul presents [some] jazz 6 We’ve returned with a compilation of more beautiful jazz tunes for you to enjoy and share. Make sure to check out the artists  for more loveliness. If you’re in Birmingham, peep...

BamaLoveSoul presents [some] jazz 5

[some] jazz 5 finds us showing the range of a lot of the new artists on the scene. Yatha Bhuta (Onra x Buddy Sativa) have released one of my favorite projects this year with their forthcoming album and their avante garde approach to the genre. An interesting musical... presents [Some] Jazz (Compilation)

The storied American music, Jazz holds a special place in the hearts of many. Long considered a dead or dying scene, it’s pleaurable to watch as new players crop up and add their flavor to the century old artform. Here’s a compilation of some of our favorite “newcomers”. Enjoy

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