Seinabo Sey – Younger [Video]

At some point in our lives, we were all encouraged to prescribe to the timeless motto of “Carpe Diem”. Some take the Latin aphorism to heart, striking out into the vastness of the world, conquering their surroundings and staking a new claim at every turn. Others shied away from Horace’s poetic lines, content instead to plod along their woeful existence in a Groundhog Day-like fashion.

So it’s outstanding to hear a track like 23 year old Seinabo Sey‘s late 2013 breakout hit, with it’s upbeat soulful house styled groove, administering a YOLO type message but for the older, wiser and less #turnup inclined crowd.

Gustav Johansson‘s visual treatment falls right in step with the message, as we are privy to a group of friends renting a house for the weekend, taking delight in the beauty of the surrounding timberland and reveling in the simplicity of being young and free.

Couple those images with Sey’s attention grabbing and unique voice, giving you encouragement and lovingly admonishing you to experience life to the fullest and you simply can’t help but feel empowered.

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