Rob Milton – Spinning feat. Jacque Hammond [Download]

Check out some new relaxing vibes sent directly from singer/songwriter/journalist Rob Milton himself that I’ve had on repeat the past weekend and most of this week as well.

Over a backing track produced by DMV based DaRon Jones, that sounds inspired by the opening strains of Stevie Wonder’s “Visions“, Rob’s cultured tenor expounds on that topsy-turvy/floating/whirling dervish feeling one can get the next morning when you roll over and catch the object of your true affections in peaceful slumber.

Adding Midwest songstress and frequent collaborator Jacque Hammond (check out her Lazy Love EP HERE) to the mix seems to be the no-brainer here, as her lilting Contralto pushes the track’s dreamy aspect to the hilt. Grab the single on a NYP basis HERE.

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