Rewind & Reminisce #2: Detroit, Motor City Foreplay

When most hip-hop heads think of the Motor City, they probably don’t think first of cars. I think of the “motor”—the drive—of arguably the greatest, and definitely the hardest working beat maker that ever lived, J Dilla. Slum Village came to be as a result of his collaborating with hometown comrades, Baatin and T3. Together, with Jay Dee’s beats (and sometimes rapping or singing) and their clever rhymes, they blessed us with many great tracks. Let’s rewind to the late 90s through the turn of the century and reminisce over three of them—“Look of Love” from their 1996 debut album Fan-Tas-Tic Vol. 1, “Get Dis Money” and “Fall N Love” from their second LP Fantastic Vol. 2.

There’s just something about a Dilla beat. Each of the following tracks showcase what I mean; each will teleport you to a surreal, trance-like state. You’ll suddenly notice your head bobbing and shoulders pumping, maybe even a side-to-side sway. On “Look of Love” Baatin and T3 question love over pleasantly smooth, subtle sound. On the also wonderfully smooth “Fall N Love,” the trio denounces aspiring rappers willing to sell out for success, and shares how much they cherish their craft. Jay Dee’s vocals on the chorus take this track to another dimension. On “Get Dis Money” SV acknowledges that if one stays true to self when making music, the money will eventually come. The funky, almost alien-like sound of the track teleports me every time. Dilla was a genius.

Listen (below) to the three tracks and check the live footage of Baatin and T3 performing “Fall N Love” a while back, with Elzhi. Dilla had passed but I’m sure he was there in spirit. Rest in peace, Dilla. Rest in peace, Baatin.



The Look Of Love:

[audio:|titles=Slum Village – The Look Of Love]

Fall N Love:

[audio:|titles=Slum Village – Fall N Love]

Get Dis Money:

[audio:|titles=Slum Village – Get Dis Money]

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