BamaLoveSoul.com presents Covers 5

I visited Dusty Groove today and was unhappy to see Jose James’ Billie Holiday cover album, Yesterday I Had The Blues had already sold out. I was able to listen to some snippets on iTunes but digi downloads are not available in the States yet. His version of...

Jesse Futerman – SleepWalker Pt2 (Download)

Following up on our previous, well received collaborative compilation, Jesse Futerman returns with Part 2 of The Sleepwalker series. Jesse says, “This mix was made over the course of 2-3 weeks. Within that time period, I started to grow a deep love for boogie....

BamaLoveSoul presents [some] jazz 14

For this month’s [some] jazz, Farnell Newton pulls out some new material from many great artists. So whether you like the Soulful Vocals of Jarrod Lawson or the genius keyboard playing of Cory Henry you will surely love this episode of [some] jazz. Even our very...

BamaLoveSoul.com presents [some] jazz 13

Every now and then the [some] jazz series will feature labels around the world that are putting out some of the finest in jazz music. The Posi-Tone catalog provides both new fans and devoted listeners with something they can count on to deliver the energy that exists...
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