Jesse Futerman – SleepWalker Pt2 (Download)

Jesse Futerman – SleepWalker Pt2 (Download)

Following up on our previous, well received collaborative compilation, Jesse Futerman returns with Part 2 of The Sleepwalker series. Jesse says,

“This mix was made over the course of 2-3 weeks. Within that time period, I started to grow a deep love for boogie. The innovative use of drum machines and synthesizers was mind bending to me. Upon first hearing “Welcome Aboard” by Webster Lewis (the first song on the mix) I was absolutely entranced by the genre. Shades of hip-hop, house and soul were very apparent, including splashes of electro and jazz. These songs have changed the way I view music production for myself and have truly influenced me to change the way I approach drum programming. While the music on this mix may be a far cry from what I usually make, its most definitely opened up my eyes and ears to the importance of groove. I  hope you all enjoy this mix.”
Enjoy the rare grooves and Download Pt 1 HERE

Jesse Futerman – SleepWalker Pt2


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