Peven Everett – King of Hearts (Album Review)

Everett delivers a syrup-laden continuous soul story. And delivers it on ice! Peven Everett will never fail to deliver to the die-hards who enjoy a true dance floor experience.
King of Hearts‘ is a sexier change from the usual stories of anger, heartbreak and kissing games. It reads like love poetry of promises…..True to soulful music form. This album is very fitting for the (summer-love-free-flow) fan. It’s a softer loving side of Everett that can be felt in every track….will definitely be an end of summer banger!

Peven takes on intimate journey through the courting/dating process. And it’s ALL good! Softening his love stance by no means, means he’s gone soft in fact he shows us another side with ‘I Can Be Your Boyfriend‘ -Let’s just take a joy spin, I can be your boyfriend. I can be the wildest….He even uses a softer freestyle technique which will definitely appeal to the homies too!

In ‘Another Tender Moment‘ I could’ve sworn I was listening to a soul piece from the Motown era! Masterfully created music pieces rule this King of Hearts record. All pieces are absolutely fitting and subtly gorgeous!!! The only one that seems a little out of sync is ‘A Baby Mama with Sense‘ should be kept as a vinyl B-side or a hidden/bonus track. It changed the album’s tone and seems in-congruently positioned against the rest of the album.

The intro to ‘When I Want Someone It’s You‘ had me chuckling with it’s naughty suggestion of getting up close and up front…..this really forces you to envision Everett flashing his confidence in a bold and confident style! His vocals are also pulled forward for extra effect. I call this the disco rock track!

The album goes POP! with the heavy hitting ‘Baby Won’t You Try Me‘ in TRUE EVERETT FORM. The soul house crowd is gonna go nuts with this….no remixes required. Dancers will do some serious damage with this summer banger!!! HOT, HOT, HOT!

A cool, carefully arranged nine tracks. Everett is always new, always wonderful and a very necessary staple to every nu soul collection. See you on the dance floor people!

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  • Futurejams

    Nice review. I think Peven has released 2 versions of this album. The one above (European?) and the US (download) version which features different tracks. I absolutely LOVE the US version, and I bought the other version largely because of the “Baby Mama With Sense” track of which I’d heard samples that I thought were HOT! I understand how you could say this track appears out of place given the other tracks, but it’s Peven. His left field tracks are usually what I’m drawn to because they are just such addictive listening. For another example, check out “Who Let You Out the House” on his new CD “Pin Up Jazz” featuring Billie Jewell.