Okon & The Movement – OTM EP [Video]

I first stumbled across Antwerp | Belgium’s Okon & The Movement on the humbug while searching for something else and was immediately struck by the soulfuljazzygroove and the sultry vocals of the opening track, “Train Of Thoughts“.

Currently on tour through Germany, what really stands out about the sextet’s EP is the fluid progression of their brand of groove from Nu-Soul to Jazz, all while hinting at Funk and even a smidgen of Gospel along the way. While O&TM are similar in sound to any number of acts we speak about within these headers, it’s Judith Okon’s vocals, at times smoky and full of sass; at other’s warm and inviting as golden sun, which go miles towards bringing a fullness out their set.

 Go HERE to scoop up a copy of their project and as an added incentive, check a live performance of non-EP track “Fuji” below.

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Posted by SquarerootZ

  • Payton

    This track is fire!