Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart – Soul

When popular soul duo Floetry parted ways, the Floacist was curiously quiet as partner Marsha Ambrosius seemed to appear in every form of media available in an attempt to acquire mainstream success. “My silence could have been confusing to the fans,” Natalie writes, “so I wanted to address the split, at the right time, in the correct medium” and the result is the poignant and sweetly scathing Soul which will appear on the upcoming Floetry album

Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart – Soul |  Download

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Posted by DJRahdu

  • juan

    yeaah love this!

  • This is lovely! Did you say upcoming Floetry album?!

  • Corey

    So she thinks Marsha sold her soul? For what, to do what she wants to do? Are artists not allowed to change? If you start out making and performing one type of sound, are you supposed to continue making and performing that same sound forever? Heaven forbid we grow up and develop new ideas and change our minds as time goes on.

  • Futurejams

    I LOVED Natalie’s first album, mainly because she managed to blend the music and the word together to perfection. Her lyrical conceits can heat me up, inspire me, make me laugh and cool me down. This song made me head nod and repeat from the first note! I’m REALLY looking forward to the new album!

  • Mike

    @Corey: Put aside your petty need for alliegance to Marsha and appreciate a soulful ass song!