presents No Lunes 008 presents No Lunes 008

Here’s another episode in our series, No Lunes to help you stay calm and serene while performing your job that you don’t even want to be at on Monday. An hour worth of chilled out soul, it’s perfect to place on your mp3 player and pop in the earbuds and listen to when things get a lil stressful. Enjoy!

Incognito – Always There (Acoustic Version)feat Jocelyn Brown
Tamara Wellons – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Sweetback – You Will Rise (Remix) feat Amel Larrieux
Minus 8 – Circles Burning
New Sector Movements – New Goya
Sa-Ra Creative Partners –
Jamal Doctor – Playa
Jack Herrera – City Lights
Negghead – You
J*Davey – Cowboys N Indians
Deborah Jordan – Brought to Life
Andreya Triana – Something in Silence
Melissa Young – Chinese Torture
T-Love – Seven feat Dwele
Five Point Plan – Second Time presents No Lunes 008 | Download | Listen

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  • maonyc

    I Love the Mix… can you please tell me where I can get that ‘You will Rise’ remix? I have never heard it but love it ALOT!!!



  • Holly

    I was surfing the net on a Friday night, feeling sorry for myself and came across your site and this mix. Thanks for making my night as this mix is wicked!

  • Heru3

    I am really feeling this site, but there are a few issues that drive me up the wall. A lot of your download links do not work, and those that do like your “No lunes 08″ is one large file. if possible could we get this in a folder with each individual track.

  • ChocLitLuvJoi

    I am really feeling this site, but there are a few issues that drive me up the wall. Commentors who complain about free music & the manner in which it is made available again, for free. If the download links don’t work, feel free to purchase it elsewhere where the links do. It takes time & money to upload & change links when the original poster moves them or other naturally occurring glitches take place. Other than that, I stay off the wall.

  • SquarerootZ


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