Mayer Hawthorne & Shintaro Sakamoto – In A Phantom Mood / Wine Glass Woman [RSD Exclusives]

I wasn’t formally introduced to Shintaro Sakamoto‘s music until this track from this past Record Store Day popped up on my radar. Apparently he founded and headlined a late 80’s 3 piece rock band out of Tokyo called “Yura Yura Teikoku” or “The Wobbling Empire” for those not fluent in Japanese, that was very big in Japan’s underground scene but some how, never saw the same measure of success here in the states.

After 21 years of playing together, the band disbanded in 2010 due to lack of excitement. A year later saw Sakamoto releasing his first solo LP with “In A Phantom Mood” being the lead single.

Somehow Mayer Hawthorne picked up on the track and contacted Shintaro to do a song-swap for RSD. Hawthorne turns in a stellar English adaptation of Shintaro’s keynote and surprisingly the Pharrell Williams produced “Wine Glass Woman” doesn’t sound half bad in another language. Stream both below.

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