Malice & Mario Sweet – Enjoy:Like:Love (Album Review)

Sweet sounds from a duo celebrating the birth of their first born and 4 years of marriage! Malice and Mario Sweet are also joyous about the release of their sophomore album, Enjoy: Like : Love (Download). The title suggests a way to interact with the album. I can say that as I listened, I enjoyed, liked and loved what was floating through the speakers towards my ears.

All of the songs are playfully named after 80’s pop culture references such as Mork & Myndy and Jaine Phonda which is appropriate seeing as the sound of this album is “feel good”. The couple definitely achieves the goal of spreading the happiness of love through their lyrics. Highlights from Enjoy: Like : Love are “Jawn Travoltuh” which is a hip swaying party Saturday night anthem or AM/PM that is reminiscent of an 80’s synthesized hand clapped drum beats tune. Pherris Buellur feat. Royce The Choice & Thig Nat, the “throw caution to the wind, let’s do what whatever we w ant” jam is brilliant for it’s subject matter, plus the beat hits hard!

I was reared in the 80’s so, I can hear the influence of that sound throughout Malice and Mario Sweet’s second album. It is worth taking the time to download, listen and place on your summer playlist.

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Posted by Mekeva M.