LATE PASS: Tahir Jahi

I am so late on this…Tahir Jahi is a dope emcee. He hails from Pittsburgh,PA but resides in LA. He has worked with BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble (Iman Williams, Velben, Divine Seven) and Shanice ( yes, “I Love Your Smile”, Shanice )Wilson to name a few. I got turned on to his music and was introduced to him by BusCrates so I am actually glad we’re connected. Tahir Jahi is not only an emcee but pretty much a philosopher of life in my opinion. His subject matter varies from talking about wack rappers to the mass production of crappy,unhealthy food that majority of the people on Earth consume today. Check out these few cuts! It’s good for ya health!

Tahir Jahi Black SuperHero (production by BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble)

Tahir JahiAdvice (production by Tek Deep)

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Posted by Flashback Honey

  • JuLiO SeVo ChArReZ

    Good stuff, Tah!

  • queenrumor

    Tahir Jahi is really good. I don’t think I’ve heard anything that I didn’t like from him.

    These beats are FRESH TOO.