Kriswontwo – Epiphany Of Emcees feat MED

Danish producer Kriswontwo drops a track from his new album Ceremoni awaited with interest in September. This single appears just at the right moment, before the release of A Thoughtiverse Unmarred, Georgia Muldrow’s new album with whom he collaborated last year for the production of Ms. One. Epiphany of Emcees demonstrates why he has been spotted by the acclaimed LA female musician. Oxnard’s experienced rapper Med’s caustic lyrics are rich of rebellious metaphors served like the presents of the Magi. Kay Young from London can also be heard on the refrain. The pair had a successful collaboration on the 2013, hip-hop/neo soul tune, Clap, Snap, Rock from the album of the same name. The tune starts with a light and simple string loop evolving in heavy hip-hop beat. A trumpet layer played by the Danish trumpeter and music mate Peter Marott is added giving it a jazzy flavor. Featuring high-class underground hip-hop artists, writing clever lyrics and producing musically rich beats, Epiphany of Emcees can only make us eager to hear the rest of his coming album.

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Posted by Ben Jamming