Knxwledge – noflowrs[instrw] x jstowee

L.A.’s prolific beatmaker Knxwledge gives us a taste of his new album Hud Dreems to be released 5th May. Two tracks, noflowrs[instrw] and jstowee can be heard now online. Noflowrs[instrw] is a cool loop created with a leading jazzy flute melody over organs and a simple hip-hop beat. Fine sound rework of the raw instruments and a few voice samples additions makes Knxwledge’s signature recognisable. Drums and bass on the second track jstowee are funky with a gloomy sound effect on the bass drums. Angelic choirs’ layer gives the nice harmony of the tune and a sample of shadowy female vocals absorbs the listener in a magical musical environment. With his debut album, this young artist’s sound mastery of sound effects and detailed attention to musical textures on both tracks prelude an outstanding instrumental hip-hop piece of the L.A. beat scene.

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Posted by Ben Jamming