Kiah Victoria – Thinkin’ Bout You [Frank Ocean Cover]

A Google search will reveal that there are exactly 4,220,000 results listed when you look for other people trying their hand voice at the little ditty Frank Ocean originally penned for Bridget Kelly.

They range from the enjoyably replayable to the ear-crunchingly cringe-worthy. The thing that solidifies them all regardless of vocal quality, is that they all attempt to mimic Ocean’s cadence, inflection, etc. with the barest minimum of ad-lib in most of the better ones.

So stumbling across this version by Kiah Victoria was completely refreshing as she takes the raw DNA of Ocean’s song, blends it with her chromosomes and gives birth to a hybrid all those other covers could only wish they were in the same gene pool with.

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Amazing how stripping the original production down to just piano, slowing down the pace of the verses while strategically elongating notes, adding reverbed harmony and revamping the first verse can change the complete outlook of a song that you were really tired of hearing.

This and four other soulful tracks are housed on the 20 year old New Yorker’s “Look Up EP” which you can get on the “Name Your Price” tip from the widget or over HERE.

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