Kayo – Go Home feat Miles Bonny

French beatmaker Kayo’s A Thousand Months is a great mix of instrumentals, soul and Hip Hop that is more than worth the €4 asking price for digi download. It’s also available on CD and beautiful vinyl and features Phat Kat, The 49ers and recent DSXXX interviewee Miles Bonny (Listen) among many others. Go Home is a really cathartic and contemplative number Kayo frames nicely with his production, but it’s Miles raw feelings exposed in the lyrics and trademark horn stylings that make this a favorite out of many wonderful tracks. Visit Kayo’s Bandcamp to peep his discography and get some free D/Ls

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Posted by DJRahdu

  • Kayo released a solid album. Don’t sleep on “A Thousand Months LP”.

  • A truly solid endeavor indeed