Jukka Eskola – Orchestra Bossa (Album Review)

The Nordics and Scandinavia are regions which excel in the creation of accomplished musicians, and Finnish trumpeter Jukka Eskola is one in a long line of just that. Eskola is Responsible for his own brand of jazz, which is more than capable of matching his state side counterparts. Whether solo, duet or jamming with the Five Corners Quintet, one thing you can expect from Jukka Eskola is quality. His last outing was 2010 collaborative album Lampela x Eskola co-produced by composer Jussi Lampela.

Now Eskola is back for 2013 with Orchestra Bossa, a project which came to fruition whilst on tour. Eskola noticed the existing synergy between the free style element of jazz and percussive, rhythmic nature of Bossa. Bringing these elements together he fused carefully arranged strings in to the mix. For the project Eskola adopted recording techniques and equipment from the 50’s and 60’s, decades synonymous with the Bossa nova sound. Eskola’s aim for the LP was to explore the genre of Bossa nova in its entirety and its influence on popular culture whilst adding his own touch.

The musical journey starts with easy listening style piece Bolly Beat, a solid rhythm is kept by excellent percussive and bass section. The tempo slows dramatically for and the Days Passed By which takes on a more structured melodic tone. Third track Tensions has been composed like a film score. Some listeners might feel this piece is reminiscent of works from Lalo Schifrin. The range covered in the opening three tracks displays the versatility of the genre and this theme continues throughout the LP. The album concludes with Ricky Tick an up-tempo tribute to the record label which heavily impacted on Eskola

With the likes of Timo Lessy The Stance Brothers and Auteur Jazz the future of the Nordic jazz scene is in good hands

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