Freddie Joachim Interview


Anytime I can get the chance to interview/chat/interrogate one of my all-time favorite artists, I jump on it. The latest subject of my quizmaster type questioning was San Diego’s own Freddie Joachim. Joachim is an instrumentalist/producer/DJ that has been at it for nearly a decade now. He has worked with artists such as Miles Bonny, Carlitta Durand, Blu, Evil Needle, and many others. A master of his craft and a musical workhorse, Joachim has churned out countless tracks over the years while at the same time, starting up the Mellow Orange record label with friend/business partner Yusai. Interview: GDNA


Los Angeles producer/multi-instrumentalist/wunderkind GDNA (pronounced Gudina) takes time to sit down and answer a couple of questions for us. Set in the backdrop of sunny Southern California beaches and to the sound of music from his upcoming EP Basement Therapy.

DJ Junior (RecordBreakin’ Music) Interview


DJ Junior is one of the most humble and well rounded artists that you will meet. Not only is he a DJ and radio host, but as the founder and curator of the highly regarded RecordBreakin' Music he's also a tastemaker. As the owner of an independent, boutique label, DJ Junior has introduced many artists such as Kissey Asplund and Coultrain to our ears free of politics or bureaucracy with only his good taste and integrity as a guide. At just five years old, DJ Junior's label has earned more respect in a short period of time than it's peers and shows no signs of stopping. DJ Rahdu of BamaLoveSoul takes you behind the curtain to meet the man with the master plan

DJ Rahdu Interview with Cherokee


When I became enamored with nu soul music, I did so largely without any form of musical compass. I had friends that I didnt want to badger with incessant questions about what to buy next or I was forced to rely on suggestions on websites of artists that were "like" ones I already enjoyed. Another game of fate I played as I immersed myself into this music was to blindly purchase Cds in the dollar bins that looked like they might be good. I picked up one such CD, I Love You...Me, was pleasantly surprised, and immediately became of Cherokee's work only to be left in a void until her next album hit the 'nets in 2002. Eight years later, I finally catch up with my dollar bin treasure and get to delve into some things Ive always wanted to know about this amazing artist.

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