@ILLingsworth – Bread Winner [Download]

The homie @ILLingsworth drops his long awaited #BreadWinner EP on all the starch deprived people.

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Q: What do you win when you become an independent musician? A: You win the right to eat bread, for every meal.

Hence, Doc Illingsworth is “The Bread Winner“.

Long story short, I’ve been pussyfooting around about this rapping for a long time….until I decided that I’d pussyfoot no more. I left job-security for the uncertainty of my independent musician-hood. I’ve made a lot of dumb decisions in my life, and a few of them helped me to complete this material, and a lot of other material that you’ve yet to hear. I hope you join me on this ride, because it ain’t over. – @ILLingsworth

That ZINGERS jawnt though? I need to know that sample, pronto.

Anyway, you should factor this project into your musical diets RDI. Pick up the whole loaf with the Bandcamp widget above or even at his Soundcloud page too but minus the Bonus slices.

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Posted by SquarerootZ

  • Thank you for all your support.

  • SquarerootZ

    Thanks for making the music to be supportive of.