Trian Kayhatu – “Kumiko (Spend The Night)”

Trian Kayhatu – “Kumiko (Spend The Night)”

Rotterdam based producer and composer, Trian Kayhatu teamed up with vocalist Frida Lamm and created this aural time capsule that takes funk into the future.  “Kumiko” as the etymology of the name suggests, is a beautiful creation.  Literally translated, the song title means “Long time beautiful child” in Japanese.

As expected the synth-based composition is a multi-layered melding of electronic soul and funk.  The introduction of Frida Lamm’s vocals adds to the aural escape you experience while “Kumiko” plays.  However, the instrumentation overwhelms her vocals in some areas of the  song, almost as if her vocals were the ad libs with the intentions of adding another layer of more leading vocals, or maybe dope verses from a dope MC.  Who knows, maybe this composition will experience discovery and such additions that would complement its cosmic funktasticness.  Can you imagine Phonte’s unparalleled lyricism, or Ty’s British quips on this?  Go ahead, press play and tell us who you hear lacing this track in the comments.  Purchasing the track, is as easy as visiting Kayhatu’s Bandcamp page, HERE.

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  • DJ

    You hit the nail on the head with Phonte- add in Darien Brockington and it’d really be cookin!

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