Tall Black Guy – WaterNoEnemy

Tall Black Guy – WaterNoEnemy

Fela’s classic Water No Get Enemy has been sampled many times, but never quite like this!  Created for the FaceBook group, The Beat Inn, Tall Black Guy takes the powerful, funky horn laden original and turns it into something that you might hear at a lounge spot. At less than 2.3 mins, it definitely leaves you wanting more…

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  • tymusic

    this is a banger from tall black guy
    … the group which anyone can join
    is located here
    the group is about a place where people that make beats / music can check eathother out.. maybe learn from eachother
    etc… this is not a battle group….
    check out the beat inn.. thank you and follow the beat inn on twitter/thebeatinn

  • Sid Mercutio

    This track has been doing the rounds all over the net nicely since Friday when it got posted and it deserves every bit of embrace it gets from the people loving it. Its sheer class listening to how the sample was flipped and turned into this wonder we let our ears decipher. Pure honey to the ears…and i dont even eat that much honey O_o…Dang!! He done gone and gave me diabetes with this….*smh*

    A true classic spawned from a community of music lovers.

  • Chaka B

    The Beat Inn on facebook is definitely a group all producers should join, dope artists/musicians flipping new samples every week :)

  • http://soundclick.com/lyricsbx Lyrics

    This is definitely a banger fa’ sho. TBG has done it again. Good job sir. TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!

  • Eamon

    Wow, this is one of the best interpretations of Fela’s classic joint.

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