Quadron – [un]Average Fruit (Ahmed Sirour Remix)

Now here’s a remix that you may consider a retouch more than a remix.  Producer and keyboardist, Ahmed Sirour added his deft touch to what we can already regard as one of Quadron’s most recognizable and unparalleled hits, “Average Fruit“.  His addition of his interpretation of the percussion, a dope synth solo in the first bridge and more layers of airy synths throughout the original (which he kept as the basis of this project) made for a great listen.  His subtle additions are not obtrusive nor importunate, especially in the second bridge which makes this remix so noteworthy.

The bonus is the flip a tad past the halfway point of Sirour’s Remix!  Hold on to your pants as Sirour takes “Average Fruit” to the [UN].  Let’s just say, ladies are going to be prompted to pendulate their hips in the third movement of this song.  Pay attention to the subtle congas wafting in the background as Ahmed taps his West Indian heritage and influences.  But the kicker, is the teaser of a fourth movement!  In my humble opinion, Ahmed cheated us out of a few more minutes of his creativity.  Frankly, I expected to hear more of what Sirour did in the last 25 seconds sprinkled throughout the entire song.  However, that would probably refute my prior statement of the refreshing lack of intrusive elements.

How about you be the judge?  Listen, download and we’d love to hear from YOU, our loyal readers in the comments. Enjoy…


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