J*DaVeY – Whatchalookin@ x Kill 4 Fun [Video]

J*DaVeY – Whatchalookin@ x Kill 4 Fun [Video]

In case you’re just joining us, we’ve been on J*DaVeY watch for a good while now in anticipation of their first major label debut, NEW DESIGNER DRUG.

While the impatient waiting continues, as there is STILL no hard and fast date set, Jack & Brook are benevolent enough to keep throwing satisfying tidbits to the wolves. The tasty morsel we get this week is a double feature; two videos rolled into one of two songs from the official tracklisting.

With production & directing creds again going to The Ports, edits from the team of Adam Tillman-Young and Peter Dean, not to mention a wardrobe assist from VintagEye, you’ve got a good base of ingredients to concoct more buzz for an already highly anticipated long player.

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