DJ Rahdu – A Tribe Called Quest Mix (LIVE at BLS 4 Yr Anniversary Party)

DJ Rahdu – A Tribe Called Quest Mix (LIVE at BLS 4 Yr Anniversary Party)

We not only celebrated the 4 year anniversary of the website on Thursday, we also finally met friends from other states and watched some of those friends make connections that can further their creative and professional careers. In addition, we were invited to have a monthly event and will keep you updated on those details as they emerge. We have to thank DJ Jamad, who rocked the heck out of the party, playing a menage of music that kept everyone open. His performance was preceded by DJ Rahdu’s ATCQ tribute set, an hour plus of  joints that had the fans in attendance


Listen to DJ Rahdu’s ATCQ set from the Anniversary party on Mixcloud HERE

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  1. iLove love love it!

  2. the hotfile link says its not available to download to download any chance of a fix

  3. Links aren’t working properly or not found anymore! How can I enjoy all these fantastic releases without proper links..arrrgghhh!!! Bamalovesoul, please hep-meh.

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