I remember when I first heard Diggs Duke’s Gravity, I knew I found something special that needed to be shared with the world. Since then, he has created another album, Black Gold in addition to several singles that chart his progression as a wonderful, talented, growing musician. All of these can be found on his Bandcamp page, including this cover of Thundercat’s Is It Love?Similarly, Thundercat and Om’mas’ Is It Love captured Duke’s imagination to the point that he felt he needed to share. He’s crafted a wonderful version, better than the original in my opinion that showcases his first use of strings in a composition. The downloads are limited so make sure you grab this HERE and peep the OG version HERE


Hear more Diggs Duke on our compilation, On Deck to be released June 26 | Check out the sampler now

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  1. janine

    October 15, 2012 (19:33)

    this is beautiful. thanks for sharing.

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