Cali producer/multi-instrumentalist GDNA invites you to his basement to provide some musical therapy that doesn’t cost a dime but will leave you feeling just fine! That was corny, but the music cannot be described using that adjective. Basement Therapy is a calming balance of 12 laid back, mellow instrumentals and vocals that parallel the perception of the sunny state GDNA hails from. This is the sound of your favorite retreat or place of solace and comfort. Download HERE, kick up your feet, press play and chill out

Peep our interview with GDNA HERE

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  1. Richard Stevenson Jr

    June 25, 2013 (15:41)

    Wow. This is one of the most unique and memorable albums I’ve heard in a while. This brother is super dope. Can’t wait to see this project take flight. Makes me proud to be from Cali. So much talent and beauty in this arts and music scene.

    GDNA: Anything you need in terms of visuals, hit me up!

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