Presents Steady Groove Presents Steady Groove

While listening through tracks for the Spring edition of our Seasonal Series, this set of tunes just kinda fell together.

Not quite Spring like and certainly not Winterized either but they did have an even steady groove that warranted sharing.

Call it an in-betweener if you just have to label it as something.

Either way, its good music and should help you make it through to the quickly approaching New Year.

BLS Presents Steady Groove

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  • Phuthi

    Hello from South Africa!

    I got the podcast via my iTunes subscription but no playlist attached and I’m going crazy trying to get track names, specifically the second track, ‘falling in love for, the very first time’

    If anyone knows please let me know!


  • SquarerootZ

    The track you’re searching for is >> and you can get a complete tracklisting in the actual download over here >>

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