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Thanks to everyone who listens, appreciates, downloads and spreads the word about our [some] jazz series. On a whim i decided to share a compilation I prepared for myself and it’s become one of the more popular series on the site. Here’s our most recent offering of beautifully arranged and improvised music. Download HERE (rt clk & save as) and Enjoy!

Leron Thomas – Proverbs
Louis Fouche – Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise
Duduka Da Fonseca – Depois Da Chuva
That Nepenthetic Place  – A Walk in the Parc
Deep Jazz – Red Smoke
Daniel Crawford – Strictly For My Negus
Kenny Barron & The Brazilian Knights – Sonia Braga
Edward Simon – Chovendo Na Roseira
Brian Lynch Eddie Palmieri Project – Jazz Impromptu
Myele Manzanza Trio- Love Is War For Miles (Theo Parrish Cover)
artwork by: Andrew presents Some Jazz7

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