It can’t be easy being a music director for a television program. You more than likely have to have a sixth sense as to which audio should go where within the program in order to enhance a scene for the viewers and a good working knowledge of music past and present that could potentially work with the scene’s dialogue and or subject matter.

The same can also be said of the closing credits of a show, which is where this track from Swedish DJ, producer and remixer Avicii néé Tim Bergling happened to pop up while I was re-watching the first episode of “How To Make It In America” this season.

Avicii weaves an intricate clash of electronic sounds together making for a tune that literally oozes Jägerbomb and the dizzying spin of green Glow Sticks in a dark room filled with a throng of #drunkandhotgirls.

Avicii – Levels >> Download

That is until the Etta James sample of “Something’s Got a Hold On Me” at the 1:24 mark slows it all down, giving a you a brief respite while the fever pitch builds back up.

Then it’s back to the party at hand.

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  1. marshall

    March 12, 2012 (11:08)

    songs pretty cool

  2. alessandra zagni

    April 28, 2012 (12:07)


  3. Regina

    January 4, 2013 (09:01)

    Y love you Avicii!!!

  4. edgardo

    January 17, 2013 (18:39)

    ohh oh sometimes i get a good feeling

  5. nelz

    March 12, 2013 (16:56)

    dude ur so hot and realy luv ur music go avicii

  6. Flávia Santos

    October 29, 2013 (17:07)

    bem fixe a música adoro

  7. matte

    November 17, 2013 (13:49)


  8. arccch

    February 2, 2014 (06:42)


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