FRANK151 Chapter 48: DOOM

Apparently I’m not the DOOM fan I thought I was.

For if I was such a fan, I would have already known that publishing group FRANK151, was in the final processes of issuing a new chapter in their ever growing Frank Book, all about the Metal Fist Terrorist for release next week.

166 pages of sheer and utter DOOMNESS. New illustrated lyrics, photos, articles and probably the most coveted feature, an exclusive interview with the Supervillain himself.

Check the 44 second animated video the media group just released featuring a small illustrated sampling of the FRANK Book‘s 48th Chapter, plus a few more random shots from the chapter, so you can get more of an idea of what to expect between it’s binders.

Wanna cop the goods like any good DOOM fan should? Head over to Frank151’s site HERE and subscribe before June 2nd. Additionally, Stones Throw Records will have a limited supply of copies available in their online store from now until over the weekend.

#sidenote: Apparently in order to get the book from Stones Throw, you’ll have to purchase something from their online store.

Better Hurry.

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Posted by SquarerootZ