DJ Rahdu – Something The Roots Made

DJ Rahdu – Something The Roots Made

From The Square Roots to The Legendary Roots Crew, the Philadelphia hip hop band has always been well deserving of their highly respected status. When I listen to The Roots now, like most artists, their style has changed and I find myself yearning for their older Organix – Illadelph Halflife sound, y’know the soulful stuff. It was also around this time that they were cranking out remixes for others that really added to their quickly growing acclaim. Here is a quick mix I put together for the fans of The Roots who may not be aware of some of these remixes or for those who have heard that they exist but could never locate them. Enjoy!

Props if you know the movie that inspired the title

1 Tracie Spencer – It’s All About You (Not About Me) (The Roots Remix)
2 Mondo Grosso – Closer (The Roots Remix)
3 Les Nubians – Tabou (The Roots Remix)
4 Eric Benet & The Roots – Why *Bonus
5 Adriana Evans – Seeing is Believing (The Roots Remix)
6 Bahamadia – I Confess (The Roots Remix)
7 Sweetback – Au Natural feat Bahamadia (The Roots Remix)
8 Bobby Hutcherson – Montara (The Roots Remix)
9 Common – Reminding Me (of Sef) (The Roots Remix)
10 Olu – Sista Why (The Roots Remix)
11 The Jungle Brothers – Brain (The Roots Remix)
12 Sylk 130 – Gettin’ Into It (Brother ? Mix) *Bonus
13 Femi Kuti – Blackman Know Yourself (The Roots Remix)

DJ Rahdu – Something The Roots Made: Remixes by The Roots | Download

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  1. This is bahnoodles!

  2. Oh man. I have most of these on wax but none are converted for serato. I’m slipping. He pulled out some gems!

  3. the mix from Dj Rahdu in PodOmatic it’s like a short version of the 13 songs in your list? or it’s every track, complete, compiled as one??

  4. Thanks for sharing. I googled Femi Kuti after that last cut. Dig that one hard.

  5. Dope Mix. Having a nice Afro-beat Jam from the Legendary Kuti Family is a good look too.


  7. There’s no download link anymore. It was there a couple days ago what happened?

  8. There should be a link at the bottom left hand side of the podcast page

  9. Im not seeing the download link on the page either.

  10. *fixed | Try now

  11. Yea, it’s working now. Thanks

  12. the download link faded away

  13. right click the word “download” and select “save as”

  14. it worked…Thanks…Grazzie…Obrigado!


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