DJ Rahdu – Vinyl? Check! Mix 001

The Friday before my birthday I went record shopping and came up on a really good haul. I picked a few joints to give me doubles but the rest were all records that were not in my collection. I’ve been doing Vinyl? Check! (view) on the site since it’s inception and promising myself I’d do a mix but never got around to doing it. This isn’t a mix per se but I have arranged it to give it an agreeable flow.

I can’t recall the first albums I picked up while digging but when I found The Crusaders’ Street Life I knew I was in for an excellent excursion; This mix showcases my haul. The tracks are lesser known gems, at least to me, with the exception of Street Life, a personal favorite. I hope you enjoy this “mix” as much as I enjoyed discovering these treats and choose to share as I have with you. This is just part 1

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Posted by DJRahdu

  • Love this mix! Brings me back to the beautiful days of disco :)