Disclosure – Settle (Album Review)

Settle is both a unique and classic tribute to the house/electronic genre.

Disclosure (composed of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence) may receive some criticism, but rarely is it for their music. Some feel the brothers (Guy, 22 and Howard, 19) are too young to represent the UK garage house scene of the 90’s. “Settle” is a solid release that shows Guy and Howard know what they’re doing in the studio and the future of their genre is in good hands. Settle may not re-invent the wheel when it comes to House music, but it neither attempts nor has too. What instead is achieved is a very intelligently put together album. Disclosure manages to both pay homage to their varied influences and show off their own unique sound and direction.

Guy and Howard hail from Surrey, a county located in south east England. Growing up the brothers were influenced by American acts such as DJ Premier, J Dilla, and Flying Lotus.  “Second Chance” as well as “Grab Her” (which samples Slum Village’s “look of love”) both seem to pay homage to these notable producers while showing off their own producing chops. As they grew older their music began to reflect the surrounding London underground scene as well as older Detroit and Chicago house music. “You and me” which features Eliza Doolittle, “Voices” featuring Sasha Keable, and “Confess to me” featuring Jessie Ware serve as proper throwbacks to the genres.

Settle may have has its share of songs that receive heavy play in the nightclubs, but there are several songs which stand on their own both on and off the dance floor. “January” presents a toned down but well produced track that gives way to a very impressive performance from vocalist Jamie Woon. The tempo and sound of “Help me lose my mind” may seem out of place when contrasted with other club inspired songs. Yet it is a well put together track and serves as an example of Disclosure’s willingness to experiment.

Settle may not present anything revolutionary but it doesn’t have to. Instead it serves as display to the direction and vision of two talented brothers who have put together a more than solid effort for their first album. Settle serves as both a crowd pleaser and something that is sure to enrich your daily listening sessions.

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