Computer Jay – Savage Planet Discotheque vol. 2 (Album Review)

Computer Jay drops another solid entry toward his vision of the Soundtrack of Tomorrow

The goal for former Master Blazter keyboardist Computer Jay is for his savage planet series to provide the soundtrack for the “renaissance of tomorrow”. His first project “Savage Planet Discotheque vol. 1” was largely an instrumental album which gave listeners an idea of his sound and production style. “Savage Planet Discotheque vol. 2” is more of a display of Jay’s unique creativity. SPD Vol. 2 involves features from Jay himself, electro-soul singer Orfeo and fellow Los Angeles producer Gaslamp Killer. At 8 songs the album is concise enough to be listened to in one sitting. There aren’t any real jarring transitions and each song melds nicely into one another without coming off as repetitive. A number of songs in particular do stand out though. “Analog Catastrophe” features Jay’s electronically modified voice rapping over a background of heavy synths and electronic claps. “Binary Fix” is similar but takes the same features of “Analog Catastrophe” and adds a deep bass line along with a nice vocal contribution from Orfeo. The two combine again for the surprisingly sultry “Hardships” which is a hauntingly produced track that should sound good in any late night mix. “Sundial Meltdown” features co-production from Gaslamp Killer and begins with a thumping bass that is slowly rained out by series of electronic keyboard strokes. The path toward crafting the soundtrack for tomorrow may be long, but if Savage Planet series is any indication; Computer Jay is on the right track.

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