Common – Electric Circus Instrumetals EP

Electric Circus is an album that will forever split Common fans across a painfully demarcated line. Whether you love it or hate it, The Soulquarians and friends produced an album where Common first represented the sound that the artists of that time were embracing (The Roots, Mos Def, Outkast) then subsequently renounced it. Personally, I don’t think he ever recovered from the perceived damage of EC, but I would love it if he would stop playing it safe as a result of it.  Get the instros HERE

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Posted by DJRahdu

  • Charles Darwin

    Thanks for drawing my attention to this. I guess this is a bootleg.When will we ever get the instrumental for star 69?
    Kutmah did a good edit of it. My copy is cut out of a mix. No rapping but still had bilal crooning on it.

  • I havent heard thee Kutmah edit. Will have to hunt it down