Freddie Joachim Interview


Anytime I can get the chance to interview/chat/interrogate one of my all-time favorite artists, I jump on it. The latest subject of my quizmaster type questioning was San Diego’s own Freddie Joachim. Joachim is an instrumentalist/producer/DJ that has been at it for nearly a decade now. He has worked with artists such as Miles Bonny, Carlitta Durand, Blu, Evil Needle, and many others. A master of his craft and a musical workhorse, Joachim has churned out countless tracks over the years while at the same time, starting up the Mellow Orange record label with friend/business partner Yusai. Interview: GDNA


Los Angeles producer/multi-instrumentalist/wunderkind GDNA (pronounced Gudina) takes time to sit down and answer a couple of questions for us. Set in the backdrop of sunny Southern California beaches and to the sound of music from his upcoming EP Basement Therapy.

DJ Junior (RecordBreakin’ Music) Interview


DJ Junior is one of the most humble and well rounded artists that you will meet. Not only is he a DJ and radio host, but as the founder and curator of the highly regarded RecordBreakin' Music he's also a tastemaker. As the owner of an independent, boutique label, DJ Junior has introduced many artists such as Kissey Asplund and Coultrain to our ears free of politics or bureaucracy with only his good taste and integrity as a guide. At just five years old, DJ Junior's label has earned more respect in a short period of time than it's peers and shows no signs of stopping. DJ Rahdu of BamaLoveSoul takes you behind the curtain to meet the man with the master plan

DJ Rahdu Interview with Cherokee


When I became enamored with nu soul music, I did so largely without any form of musical compass. I had friends that I didnt want to badger with incessant questions about what to buy next or I was forced to rely on suggestions on websites of artists that were "like" ones I already enjoyed. Another game of fate I played as I immersed myself into this music was to blindly purchase Cds in the dollar bins that looked like they might be good. I picked up one such CD, I Love You...Me, was pleasantly surprised, and immediately became of Cherokee's work only to be left in a void until her next album hit the 'nets in 2002. Eight years later, I finally catch up with my dollar bin treasure and get to delve into some things Ive always wanted to know about this amazing artist.

Iman Williams & BusCrates featured on Vinyl Vybz

YAY! A first interview with both me and BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble with Dj Hash from Chicago,IL. The show is called Vinyl Vybz and it’s broadcast on Play Vybz (London based). It was a very interesting interview with us cause we were able talk about our likes pertaining to music and much more. Check out info here!:

Iman Williams & BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble Interview w/ Vinyl Vybz

From Dj Hash:

Peace and blessings! Thank you everyone for listening to Vinyl Vybz with DJ HasH last night on I really appreciate the love and support. For those that were unable to check me out last night when I was on the air or want to hear the show again… I GOT YOU!!!

I had A LOT of fun with this show! I had the honor of talking to the one and only soulstress Iman Williams as well as producer extraordinaire BusCrates 16 Bit Ensemble during the show! PLUS I featured music from them and the rest of the Futuristic Soul Society Crew which is AMAZING! TRUST!!! I also played that DOPE Hip Hop that you’ve come to expect and love on Vinyl Vybz including brand new BANGAS from Common, LMNO & Kev Brown, Homeboy Sandman, Chaundon ft. Carlitta Durand, and a Native Tongues reunion with Black Sheep ft. Q-Tip (ATCQ), Dave (De La Soul), & Mike Gee (Jungle Brothers)! The “Old to the New” was INCREDIBLE (in my opinion) and featured CLASSICS from Camp Lo, World Renown, & Redman. I even threw in a couple of 80’s pop classics to keep you on your toes. :)

A special shout goes out to Iman Williams and BusCrates 16 Bit Ensemble for their time and for helping make this show a success. And thank YOU everyone for spreading the word about Vinyl Vybz with DJ HasH and helping the shows’ fanbase grow. 2010 has been an AMAZING year for the show with interviews from the likes of the Temporary Residents, Ladybug Mecca, and my guests for this show Iman Williams and BusCrates 16 Bit Ensmeble. And I have MORE interviews and MORE DOPE music in the works so stay tuned! As always, I’ll see you on Tuesday from 6-8pm (CST) on!


DJ HasH (of the Temporary Residents) aka Da Corned-Beef Kid!

Check out more here!

Usoulmag features BamaLoveSoul.Com

Johnny J, publisher of Usoulmag sez, “If you are looking for a typical blog to tell you “what’s hot and what’s not” look elsewhere. has accepted the mission of being a global tastemaker and putting Alabama’s makers of soul music on the map. Checkout what founder DJ Rahdu had to say about his intriguing project. ” Read more HERE

DJ Rahdu interviews Domini Quinn SupaStar of The Rebel Yell

If Gnarls Barkley had an orgy with Bjork and Prince, the resulting screams of pleasure might sound something like the Rebel Yell. This exciting new project from James Poyser features the eclectic vocal style of SupaStar and the dope flavor of Kahri Mateen. Hard to classify, this Philadelphia-bred project drips with sexy electro pop, hip-hop sensibilities, and raver fits of ecstasy. One thing is for certain, with their debut album Love & War the Rebel Yell are making moves with their propulsive future sound
Read Interview HERE

DJ Rahdu Interview with Joy Jones

Joy Jones has been bubbling in the back of your mind for years, appearing on tracks for countless producers with her jazzy-cool tones. But now she is stepping out front with the release of her exemplary debut album, Godchild. Jones effortlessly glides through various genres from rump-shaking broken beat to progressive jazz to soca-flavored hymns all with a sharp political mind and keen wit. Nu-Soul Magazine caught up with the future soul chanteuse just after the release of her striking new album. Read the Interview HERE

DSXXX: DJ Rahdu Interview with Bahamadia

Bahamadia rose to prominence on the hip-hop scene as an artist/lyricist/producer signed to Guru of Gang Starr’s Ill Kid Records. She went on to lend her smooth-flowing raps to a variety of projects during the late ’90s, including several electronica and acid jazz artists. Born Antonia Reed in Philadelphia, Bahamadia started out DJing at local house parties in the early to mid-’80s, and soon stepped out front to honing her skills on the mic as well. She remained a presence on the Philly hip-hop scene, but didn’t make her first recordings until hooking up with producer/radio personality DJ Ran, who helmed her independent 1993 single “Funk Vibe.” “Funk Vibe” caught the attention of Gang Starr’s MC Guru, who took an interest in Bahamadia’s career and helped her get a record deal with Chrysalis. Her first officially released singles, 1994′s “Total Wreck” and 1995′s “Uknowhowwedo,” were well-received in the underground for their soulful soundscapes and laid-back raps. The full-length LP Kollage followed in 1996, and featured production by DJ Premier, Ski-Beats ,N.O.Joe, The Beat Miners, as well as fellow Philly natives The Roots. Unfortunately, Chrysalis folded a year later, and Bahamadia chose to wait out her contract before resuming her career as a solo, independent artist. In 2000, she signed with the L.A.-based indie Goodvibe and released the chilled-out BB QUEEN (as in “beautiful black”) project featuring production and/or guest appearances by James “J-Dilla” Yancey, DJ Revolution, Cali Agents (Rasco & Planet Asia), Dwele, etc… which received excellent reviews.
1. Jaylib; Quasimoto – Tomorrow
2. Dela; Blu – Vibrate
3. Group Home – Supa Star Instrumental
4. RecodKingz; Little Brother – Playing to Lose
5. Mr. Lif; Bahamadia – Breathe
6. The Roots; Bahamadia – Proceed Pt. III
…::Bahamadia Interview Pt 1::…
7. Nas – Represent
…::Bahamadia Interview Pt 2::…
8. Pete Rock & Cl Smooth – The Creator
…::Bahamadia Interview Pt 3::…
9. A Tribe called Quest – Electric Relaxation
10. Dwele; Bahamada – High
11. Slakah the Beatchild; Drake – Enjoy Yaself V2
12. Tanya Morgan; Jermiside; Che Grand; Elucid; Spec Boogie – Never 2ndary
13. Frank Nitt; DJ Quik; J Black – L.O.V.E.
14. Shin-Ski – Orion’s Belt
15. Pharoah Roche – Drifting (Extended)
16. Sylk 130; Bahamadia – The Reason
17. Kero One; Tuomo – Let’s Be friends
18. The Big Payback – Cosmic Traveling

DJ Rahdu Interview with Bahamadia

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