Algebra Blessett – “Recovery” (Album Review)


Recovery boasts vivid dramatic imagery in songs like "Struggle to Be" and "Danger Zone"; while "Paper Heart" is a beautifully written soliloquy about apprehension, vulnerability and overcoming past (familiar) heartache. Blessett has certainly matured wonderfully in between albums as most of her fans have over the past six years of life. This lends to the relatability of the record. Another refreshing plus is the absence of any expletives, making Recovery radio and family-friendly.

BamaLoveSoul presents On Deck 2 (Order)


... we're releasing the 2nd volume of On Deck for your listening pleasure via CD and digital download. We're not alone in our stance, this time we're backed by BBE Music who will release the album on 2.11.2014

DJ Rahdu – The Diamond Soul XXXperience Show 001 (Download)

BamaLoveSoul is celebrating 6 years of Decreasing Your Hard Drive Space in 2014 and after putting our heads together we decided to go back to the beginning and return with our weekly radio show. We’re prepared to iron out all wrinkles and bring you the finest show we can, in addition to providing other fantastic treats we have in store for you this year.  There are many gems in this show: music yet to be released and old tunes that you may have been forgotten so throw in your earbuds or download and blast in your ride.
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Frank Mccomb – 24/365/10 (Applejac’s Jazzy Tofu Lounge Mix)
Jill Scott – Love Rain (Detroit Swindle’s Seasonal Redux)
Repercussions – Test of Time
The Rebirth – Love Issue
Soia – Obtaining (Mez remix)
Roy Hargrove – St Denis
Notorious B.I.G. x The Mercy Sluts – Hypnotize $600
The Soul Jazz Orchestra – Celestial Blues
Dutchy! x AshTreJinkins x Sleepyeyes – Lamb’s Bread
Mel – Back At You
Common – The Sun God (Robot Orchestra Remix)
Melissa Laveaux – Piebwa
Olu Dara – Neighborhoods
Losco x oriJanus – Abroad
Jordan Rakei – A Tribe Called Government
Chief – All Night Long feat Ghostape
Muneshine – Venus & Mars (Freddie Joachim Remix)
Slakah the Beatchild- Byram’s Groove (Cut a Rug)
James Tillman – And Then
Ohbliv – My Heart Can’t Take (Lakim’s House Edit)
Mr. Moods – Vibrate at Rhythms
Christian Prommer/Adriano Prestel – Can It Be Done
Sade – Nothing Can Come Betwen Us (Pomo Edit)
Earth Wind & Fire x Big Makk – Beij (Joe Kay’s Slowed Moombahsoul Vibe)
Sly5thAve & The Club Casa Chamber Orchestra – Hold On
Jiva – Love Chooses Lovers (Heart Chakra Mix)
Giovanca – Lockdown (Simbad 12″ Disco Mix)
Beyonce – Blow (Yam Who? Boogie Night’s Rework)
Question -Cancao da Ra

DJ Rahdu – The Diamond Soul XXXperience Show 001 presents Some Jazz 9

We’ve received numerous requests to provide a followup to our Some Jazz series. While relaxing around the house today and catching up on “new” music (I’m 3 months behind BTW), I decided to compile some ear pleasing treats from some of the cats that are presently keeping this genre alive. Make sure you look up and support these artists and their work! Also, stay on the lookout for Kris Bowers Heroes & Misfits dropping in March and my Vinyl?Check! 002 Jazz compilation coming soon from dusty vinyl straight to your eardrums!

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Cecile McLorin Salvant – I Didn’t Know What Time it Was
Nat Birchall – Peace in Nineveh
Henry Rasmussen – Abstractions
Pandelis Karayorgis Quintet – Circuitous
The Claudia Quintet +1 – Job feat. Kurt Elling
Divergence Jazz Orchestra – Dear Miss Upstill
Kris Bowers – Forget-Er feat. Julia Easterlin
Darcy James Argue’s Secret – Construction +Deconstruction
Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom – The Itch presents Some Jazz 9

Wayna- “I Don’t Wanna Wait”

It’s been 5 years since the release of Higher Ground; yet Wayna has kept her place in our ears with appearances on Eric Roberson’s “Wanna Believe it Again” and the remix of “Billy Club” ft. Wale and a host of collaborations in the interim.  The latter song was originally a collaboration with the talented singer and producer, Muhsinah.  Alas, I digress… This post is about Wayna’s latest release, “I Don’t Wanna Wait”, which I first heard live during her performance at Drom in NYC in July.  After sitting on this song for about a week, eager to share.  Finally, I can share!

“I Don’t Wanna Wait” is Wayna’s first release from her up coming EP, entitled The Expats which is due for release in October.  The song is a piano-based composition that boasts anthem like hook that trails into a beautiful harmonic, “I don’t wanna wait” reminiscent of Bob Marley’s background singers.  Teaming up with German Producer, Farhot, Wayna sings of the resolve of a woman who has been waiting for the promise/prospect of what her life has in store (love), so she takes the chance and opens herself .  No more walls, no more wondering.  Self-empowerment in true Wayna Wondwoosen fashion.  Wait ’til you see the video!

The lyrics: “Turtle in it’s shell only knows it’s springtime by it’s smell” give you the imagery and metaphor from which you can derive the premise.  So wait no longer! Click play, and let Wayna’s unmistakable voice take you to a refreshing space of freedom to love and receive love… And life’s possibilities…

Robert Glasper Experiment – “Calls” Ft. Jill Scott

The time signature is a refreshing element, and highlights the poetic conversational flow, a signature of Ms. Scott. Not only does this track bolster the anticipation of the release of Black Radio 2, but it heightens the yearning for a new album from Jill Scott, who’s last release was in 2011.

Quadron – [un]Average Fruit (Ahmed Sirour Remix)

The bonus is the flip a tad past the halfway point of Sirour’s Remix! Hold on to your pants as Sirour takes “Average Fruit” to the [UN]. Let’s just say, ladies are going to be prompted to pendulate their hips in the third movement of this song. Pay attention to the subtle congas wafting in the background.

Melanie Durant – Gone

Now here’s a name and voice you should already know. Toronto, Canada native Melanie Durrant was featured on “The Answer” by Slakah The Beatchild on the Soul Movement Vol. 1 album. Here she is with a new single entitled, “Gone”. Her vocal stylings on this song is very jazzy as usual, but she certainly owned this “main girl” assertion. Here’s “Gone” and so am I. Peace…

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