Late Pass #96: Imani (The Pharcyde) – Mary Jay

My Jeep Wrangler is in the shop for repair and I had to get a loaner. There’s absolutely nothing gangster about whippin’ a melon green Camry when you’re running errands. To help salvage some bit of my je ne sais quoi and inspire a false sense of cool, I compiled a CD-R of Hip Hop from the early 2000s to vibe to.
This Spaceboy Boogie produced jewel came on and I had to turn it all the way up. Surprisingly, Camrys have really great sound systems! I haven’t heard this groovy ode to cannabis from the other half of The Pharcyde in over a decade and have decided to share so others can look cool in wack rides. Enjoy!

Late Pass #93: Ge-Ology – Communication Remix feat Sadat X & Talib Kweli

I ran across some records for sale and discovered this Ge-Ology 12″ in the Rock/Pop section for $1. Figuring there was no way I could lose with this trio, I made the purchase and rushed home. The B Side wins again on this 2001 release with a bangin, bass led beat that will have you searching for your lost backpack. Enjoy!

Late Pass #92: Little Brother – Whatever You Say (The Maxwell Mix)

9th Wonder and Pete Rock’s “collaboration” project, Class is in Session was released in 2003 to everyone’s excitement. Appearances by Grap Luva and Kev Brown plus reported attendance by Marley Marl at those sessions made this a legendary passing of the torch as it were. Many of the 12 tracks got plenty of burn in my sets, but there was one that was always requested: Whatever You Say (Remix II) which I renamed The Maxwell Mix to make it easier to find when searching. The mashup still sounds good to this day, and if you can find a copy of this “unreleased” project I suggest you grab it. Download Whatever You Say (The Maxwell Mix) HERE | HERE

Late Pass #91: Demien – Erotic Dreams

In 2005 DJ Jazzy Jeff released The Soul Mixtape which helped many listeners discover artists they may not have regularly been privy to. One such artist was Demien whose album Supernova Syndrome was released quietly via A Touch of Jazz the previous year. I’ve been on a heavy Devante Swing (Jodeci) kick lately and was reminded me of Erotic Dreams with it’s sexually charged lyrics, dope production, use of voicebox and heavy Prince influence. Just like Devante’s productions, this song has stood the test of time and still sounds good although it was recorded between ’97 or ’98.

Late Pass #89: Leroy Styles – “Past Tense” (Rancido’s Deep Journey Soul Mix)

House heads! This cut is sure to stir you.  Rancido did his thing on this and the Vocals by Leroy Styles is nothing short of amazing.  “Past Tense” is one of those songs that even though the topic is a sad one about love, it is packaged in lovely chords and synth melodies that lightens the heart.  Be sure to check out Leroy Styles’ soundcloud page for more treats. Enjoy…

Late Pass #88: Armand Van Helden – Flowerz Feat. Roland Clark

Released in 1999, this track appeared on a mix by J Finesse recorded onto cassette and served as my introduction to house music. I could honestly say that I had never heard anything like this before and was immediately intrigued. With it’s looped Donald Byrd sample, sensitive lyrics and Roland’s falsetto this one has been a favorite for over a decade. Enjoy!

Late Pass#87: Amp Fiddler – I Believe in You (Sly & Robbie Mix)

I remember when Birmingham producer/singer/emcee Supreme went to his hometown Detroit and returned with an unmastered disc of tunes, some of which he helped produce and write, by an artist named Amp Fiddler. I was completely floored and became an Amp Fiddler fan that day. A short while later in 2004, Amp’s Waltz of a Ghetto Fly was released which helped formally RE-introduce the highly influential Detroit figure to the rest of the world. 4 years later he entered the studio with legendary producers Sly & Robbie to cut their entry in the Inspiration Inspiration series. Here’s their version of one of my favorite tunes for you to enjoy, in case you missed it

Amp Fiddler – I Believe in You (Sly & Robbie Mix)

Late Pass #86: Maxwell – Seguranca

Maxwell dropped this on the AIDS benefit compilation, Red Hot + Rio in 1996, the same year UrbanHangSuite was released after being shelved for 2 years. I was reminded of this when I was preparing tracks for my Bossa mix (download) but didn’t use it because it was slower than everything else. This track may have slipped by many of you so here’s your late pass. Enjoy!

Late Pass #85: Down to the Bone – Electric Vibes feat. Roy Ayers (DJ Spinna Remix)

2007 Down to the Bone with Roy Ayers remixed by DJ Spinna for you to get your soulful house on. SuperCharged is the name of the album it appears on, and appropriately fits the feel of this super dope Spinna remix. Enjoy!

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