The Floacist – Rise of The Phoenix Mermaid (Album Review)


The Floacist’s Rise of the Phoenix Mermaid is one of those rare albums that have a truly personal feel. Unlike the made to order, easily digestible fodder produced by most artists, you’ll complete the album feeling as if you know the Floacist a lil’ better.

Sidewalk Chalk – Leaves (Album Review)


Sidewalk Chalk’s sophomore album is an interesting, 13 track journey into the collective-brain of an 8 member band. Sidewalk Chalk IS a band, one fit for 2014 and not the classical definition of such.

Algebra Blessett – “Recovery” (Album Review)


Recovery boasts vivid dramatic imagery in songs like "Struggle to Be" and "Danger Zone"; while "Paper Heart" is a beautifully written soliloquy about apprehension, vulnerability and overcoming past (familiar) heartache. Blessett has certainly matured wonderfully in between albums as most of her fans have over the past six years of life. This lends to the relatability of the record. Another refreshing plus is the absence of any expletives, making Recovery radio and family-friendly.

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