Brittany Nacole – DayDream Album Review

The image of the princess in a pastoral field of flowers projects an idyllic iconography that belies the content of newcomer, Brittany Nacole’s DayDream. Propelled by great production throughout, Daydream is an entertaining,  engaging and vivd window into the singer’s journey through the trials of love and life. Addressing each topic in a way that feels less Guru than Girl Next Door,  the entire project finds her describing her world’s  good and ill exactly as she sees it. Easily digestible and immensely enjoyable, DayDream insists you welcome Brittany’s voice into your pantheon of cherished artists.

We begin DayDream by peeking into the poet/painter’s relationship, lost in it’s highs and lows. As the love affair wanes, we join Brittany on her journey of  Self Awareness & Self Discovery, topics that weave themselves into the remaining, heavier portion of the album. Newfound love is augmented by knowledge of self on C’mon Thru, a 2015 take on Jill Scott’s A Long Walk, trading walks in the park while discussing the Koran for late night discussions about the universe. Mo Novae’s ethereal beat complements just how supernatural and metaphysical this newfound love truly is.

The producers add so much to this album, creating soundscapes that successfully capture what Brittany is conveying.  Cleverly transitioning from lush, jazzy soul to bluesy and dense, the music  perfectly signals mood and tone change as Brittany begins to wax poetic on philosophy and sociology on the 2nd half of the album. Hitting close to home, everything culminates on the J. Rawls produced bonus track Black Caskets, when the Chicago transplant addresses the current, multifaceted plight of the youth. Brittany beseeches us to fight for them in spite of their poor decisions, lack of quality education, and negative mass media portrayal. Ending with her thoughts on the frequent and increasing, horrendous homicides perpetrated by police, the album confirms why many escape from reality. Enter the daydream. Enjoy the soundtrack.
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