‘Boogaloo Joe’ Jones – Sweetback [Vinyl Restock]

Ivan Joseph Jones, also known as “Boogaloo Joe“, (November 1940) made his solo soul jazz debut as “Joe Jones” on Prestige Records in 1967, but earned the name “Boogaloo Joe” following a 1969 record of the same title.

Seeing as his “Sweetback” platter has been out of serviceable stock for going on 10 years, the Costa Mesa, CA based Ubiquity & Luv N’Haight Records have restocked their shelves for a limited pressing….keyword there being limited.


In my mind, that roughly translates into almost eight minutes of virgin audio landscape, better known as “Unused Sample Material“.
It’s almost equivalent to seeing a Unicorn drink Anaconda Malt Liquor from the Holy Grail.

#extrapoints if you actually get someone to believe you.

Go HERE to get a copy before it gets missing again and click here for the Alternate Album Cover.

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