Rapper Big Pooh – Candlelight (feat. Marv Won)

I’d like to begin by saying Mello Music Group has it locked down right now and with the acquisition of Pete Rock and the soon to come release of Petestrumentals 2, they’re like Rawkus 2.0. Big Pooh has been nothing if not consistent over the years and his... read more

Gas-Lab – Soulful & Jazzy Beats

Argentinian producer Gas-Lab leaves nothing to the imagination with his well titled new release, Soulful & Jazzy Beats. The album delivers exactly what the title reads and I couldnt be more appreciative of the live instrumentation. Interestingly, the project is a... read more

Pat Van Dyke – Right On Time

Next month drummer, composer, producer Pat Van Dyke will release his latest album Right on Time on Germany’s Jakarta Records. Although you may know him from his Hip Hop collaborations with John Robinson or as a member of LuxDeville with 8thW1, Right On Time will... read more

Vinyl? Check! #66: Smoke – Freedom of the Mind

Compton California crew Smoke, later known as Black Smoke, were signed to both Chocolate City and Casablanca during their recording career. The first side of their debut album finds them in upbeat disco mode. However, the B side allows them to showcase the effects of... read more

Ego Ella May – How Far

Every year around this time, Ego Ella May blesses us mortals with a new EP of her magical music. Prepare to be blown away April 6th with more of  her wonderful sounds via new EP Hope. In less than one month, the London vocalist will lay her enchanting vocals over... read more

DJ Tahleim – Black, Brown & Voodoo (D’Angelo Tribute)

Remember when the Brown Sugar album dropped? Single after single just blew you away and then there were those incredible remixes! Five years later Voodoo dropped and he completely flipped the script with help from the Soulquarians and Roy Hargrove. Still polarizing to... read more
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