Sage’s Space Trio – p e a c e

So, the notes read this project was created with no samples and no loops. I find that extremely hard to believe, but how much does that even matter when every track is SO GOOD! Maybe Sage is insane? Yeah, that’s the ticket! This must be the case, because he’s offering... read more

The Dining Rooms – Space is the Place

It’s not difficult to conceive of Sun Ra’s influence across the planet when you remind yourself that he wasn’t just a National treasure he was, and is an Interplanetary Icon. Summoned by Milan’s The Dining Rooms, the music of the man berthed in Alabama finds its... read more

Jennah Bell – Candied Daylight

The best way to get a diner salivating for their main course is to provide a delicious appetizer. Jennah Bell does just that with Candied Delight, the lead single for upcoming album Anatomy. The track is a sweet (pun intended), guitar led “how to” to make her happy,... read more

Estère – Reptilian Journey (Jordan Rakei Remix)

Songs like this make you miss the soul/world hybrids that popped up in the late 90’s with artists like Zap Mama and Les Nubiennes. The organic feel of the original is a calm, steady counterpoint to the remix, perfect for downtime. However, coupled with Jordan Rakei’s... read more

Jay Dee – Come Get It ft Elzhi (Jake Milliner Remix)

It’s a given that the original version is a classic, and with its sinister Weather Report sample provides a perfect canvas for Elzhi to paint gritty pictures of Detroit city with his witty word play. As one of my favorites, this Welcome 2 Detroit banger stays on... read more

Shaolin Jazz – Love & Heat

The Shaolin Jazz series continues to roll with their upcoming Donald Byrd x Wu-Tang mashup project, Byrd Over Staten. The first single Love & Heat finds Ghost and Bus-A-Bus rocking over a dope Byrd loop. Find second single, The Shimmey Roll with ODB on mic duties... read more

Jesse Fischer – A Tribe Called Quest Remixes (Download)

What could be jazzier than a Jazz man tackling A Tribe Called Quest classics? If you’re looking for the answer within these two remixes, you’ll need to explore elsewhere for the answer. Fischer reconstructs two classics in Tribe’s canon, Lyrics to Go and Award Tour,... read more
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