Akua Naru – Miner’s Canary

No matter what the genre, Akua Naru bends it to the will of her musical mastery. Akua’s poetry flows like a river through the lands of African consciousness, social awareness, self-confidence and love. The dreadlock princess is always majestic, whether barefoot on... read more

Amin Payne – The Sound Of The Prophets Feat Cazeaux OSLO

Australia’s Amin Payne has been working hard on his upcoming album, SAFFRON. The project promises to be unconventional, comprised heavily of Persian, Indian, Turkish & Arabic samples and what we’ve heard so far sounds good. The Sound Of The Prophets is... read more

June Marieezy – Throw Away Love Songs

The world has become a much smaller place with the rise of the internet and a major benefit is the the confluence of style. Lately, within the past 2 years for me, I’ve begun to hear some really great music out of the Philippines. Enter June Marieezy. I dont... read more

Late Pass# 98: Che Fu – Misty Frequencies

Hip-Hop is a language, and  it has a voice internationally. But how much do you know about what it sounds like when that influence is assimilated into an international listener’s culture? Being from New Zealand myself, I have a spiritual and cultural ... read more

Floetry – Say Yes (Once More) [Ahmed Sirour Remix]

What’s sexier than Floetry’s Say Yes? Ahmed Sirour’s slower, more intimate version of the 12 year old classic, created with the intent to outsexy the original. Composed in December, this mix was finally unearthed and shared at the perfect time, in... read more

DJ Jazzy Jeff – Beyond Wonderland Mix (Download)

It’s well known that DJ Jazzy Jeff is one of todays finest music curators. This mix exemplifies how he received said title. Witness Jazzy Jeff seamlessly blend time and “conflicting” genres into a groovy tapestry during your travels Beyond... read more

Bilal – First Born Second Instrumentals

In 3 months it will be 14 years since Bilal Sayeed Oliver’s name crept into the vocabulary of thirsty soul lovers worldwide. Unique and intense, Bilal’s voice and range made him the sweetheart of many while the production provided the foundation during his... read more
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