Sascha Vee – Ging

New Zealand’s Sascha Vee’s new EP is coming soon and new single Ging is a tasty teaser of what we can expect from the gifted singer. The single includes instrumentals as well as remixes from Chef Red, and I.N.T and provides a glimpse of what we can expect of her... read more

Hot16 – Rhythm feat Ohmega Watts

Props to Hot 16 for sending me his dope new 7”, Rhythm. With vocals from producer/DJ/emcee, Ohmega Watts, Rhythm is a beautiful banger with a positive message released with expert timing as the world seems to descend into increasing negativity. Press play, enjoy the... read more

D’angelo- The Root (LoVibe Flip)

D’angelo’s Voodoo earned a permanent place in my musical cannon from the very first listen. I know others feel that way as well and am sure there will be some that say its contents should not be touched. However, Ukrainian producer LoVibe’s little flip just does... read more

Tall Black Guy – James Brown Suites I & II snippets

I found a post on FB promoting TBG’s James Brown Suites I & II and after hearing his previous James Brown flips, I knew to expect something special from the world-traveling producer. Suite I is a legit flip of The JB’s Funky Good time and there’s no reasonable way... read more

Miles Bonny – WAY feat. Shhor

Join New Mexico’s Miles Bonny as he links up with Australia’s Shhor and Bespoke Music to discuss the one thing that defies geography and pretty much everything else, LOVE. Miles’ instrument of choice, the horn, is present but this isn’t the... read more

Melodiesinfonie – The Beginning

It all begins with a spoken intro from Miles Bonny then explodes into a 3 minute long showcase of Melodiesinfonie’s growth as a musician. We first met Melo as part of a production duo with Jazzo and I had no idea what would occur since their... read more

SYG – Long Way Home

Props to the man behind the board, Nu Vintage for creating this funky gem of a title track for SYG’s album Long Way Home. True respect to SYG who doesn’t get lost in the beat, riding it perfectly to create a perfect track that I’ve had on repeat all day The only... read more
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