Beat Spacek – Compact N Sleep

In case you weren’t aware, over a year after dropping lead single Alone in da Sun, Steve Spacek returned to bless our ears with his new album Modern Streets today. The album is a combination of all of the sounds created under the various monikers we’ve known him as... read more

Quadron – Baby Be Mine (Bayacou Guine Remix)

Quadron flipped one of my favorite tunes from Michael Jackson’s Thriller 5 years ago, turning the upbeat number into a slow cooker that drove the internet crazy. 2 weeks ago my brother Ezel put his hands on their MJ cover, crafting a staccato groover that takes... read more

Warren Xclnce – Time Is Love

UK creatives MIMM have returned with a new “Name Your Own Price” release, Mimm Exploration Compilation. The project contains new music from Flako, Philippe Edison and Kaelin Ellis among many others. Warren Xclnce delivers a bouncy, upbeat lounge banger... read more

Somepling / Nuts One – Silent Lift / Low Pulse

Somepling and NUTS One both live in Europe but are separated by 849 kilometers. Although many miles apart, they are connected by their love of the MPC and the manipulation of samples. Silent Lift / Low Pulse is a limited edition vinyl release of downtempo soul that is... read more

DJ Harrison – SLYISH

Many artists reference songwriter/producer, Sly Stone as a strong influence in their music. Coincidentally two Virginia multi-instrumentalists and singers, DJ Harrison and Michael Archer aka D’angelo have recently released heavily influenced tributes to... read more

D’Angelo – She’s Always In My Hair (14KT Remix)

Long held captive by HouseShoes, this remix of D’Angelo’s cover of Prince’s popular B-Side to Paisley Park finally sees the light of day. Minnesota, Virginia and Detroit collide as 14KT becomes a one man The Revolution backing Prince’s storied fan, creating... read more

DJ Reminise – ComSense (Download)

I’ve been watching Common’s latest foray into mass media with Spike’s furniture design show Framework. Concurrently, DJ Reminise has been putting in work on a Common mixtape that you can pick up at Art Beats & Lyrics tomorrow. Act Like Ya... read more
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