Phil Gerus – Don’t You Know I Need You

Phil Gerus is an artist that makes you want all of his music after hearing just one track. Upon discovering his upcoming EP on Bastard Jazz, the label that’s been creating one helluva roster, I went to his Soundcloud page and am still listening to tracks there... read more

Jaze Baqti – Stories

We first discovered French Jazz enthusiast, Baqti when he provided his interpretation of Cal Tjader’s first San Francisco shows with San Mateo. Since then we’ve watched him mold and shape his style into its present form, the sound we hear on his latest... read more

Erykah Badu – Phone Down

I knew Badu’s mixtape was coming but I was unsure of what to expect. Phone Down does a great job of alleviating my fears of You Cain’t Use My Phone being a subpar project.  The Analogue Girl comes correct with a downtempo groover that will... read more

Knowsum – Ghost ft. Anna-Louise Hoffmann

After 2 years, Melting Pot Music’s Hi-Hat Club has returned with its latest entry courtesy of 22 yr old Knowsum. Not wanting to be complicit in saturating the market with beattapes, Knowsum’s unique style was selected for the resurrection of the... read more

SPELLWRKS – Sloppy Delightz

DC label Lush Loops and Cali’s Natural Selection collective team up to release joint effort, Above the Clouds. The compilation is 16 tracks deep, filled with compositions from producers I’ve never heard of but also treats that will make you do your... read more
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