Robert Glasper – Covered

In his new album Covered, Robert Glasper’s piano, double-bass and drum trio revisit his subtle neo jazz touch on tunes he enjoys listening to on his iPod as well as tracks from his much acclaimed Black Radio albums. The selection of hit songs cover a range of genres... read more

Thundercat – Them Changes

I have been a fan of Kendrick Lamar for a while now, and when I heard the title track on his latest opus “To Pimp A Butterfly”, I thought it was funkiest joint I had heard in a minute. Of course, I wanted to know who was responsible for bringing this funky new sound... read more

Lindsey Webster – Open Up

I am always in search of new voices, as many artists these days don’t have “that Truth,” which only singers of days past could only bring. Our site is usually one of the first ones to bring light to who they are, but to say it is easy to find would be a lie. Case and... read more

D.Scott – Lose My Soul

I first heard of this brother on his cover of Drake’s “Just Hold On (We’re Going Home)”, which I must admit I like over Drake’s original, as it brought a whole new flavor to the song altogether. When I heard Lose My Soul, I was surprised at how emotionally raw and... read more

Victoria Monet – NIghtmares & Lullabies Acts I & II

Songwriters these days have become the most diverse and accessible talent pool for record labels and fans. One can find the next Skylar Grey or the next Ne-Yo as these double threats have proven they have the skills to not only write the songs, but also perform them.... read more

Elle Pierre – Nele

The first time I heard about Elle Pierre, it was incidentally from an ex-girlfriend who shared similar musical tastes. She had gone to a set that Elle did at Pianos in New York, and told me she had seen “her new musical obsession”. I did not think anything of what she... read more

Nao – Golden

I first heard of this London based singer on a few mixtapes that had been floating between my car, my Iphone and my computer, and was instantly drawn to her syrupy vocals each and every time. Her vocal stylings are very much reminiscent of Coko of SWV fame in some... read more

Saoul – Backseat Cadillac

Being in the military for several years, the one thing that has always fascinated me is how people from foreign countries appreciate our culture more than we do, everything from our movies, to our books and definitely our music, as can be seen by Japan’s love affair... read more
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