Bishop Nehru – Nehruvia: The Nehruvian EP

I’m sure the Hip Hop loving teenaged Rahdu is surely unhappy with how far I’ve become removed from the music. I still love Hip Hop, but attempting to discover the lairs where enjoyable Hip Hop resides has become tedious and disappointing. However, when a jewel is found it is truly worth celebrating!
I’ve heard of Bishop Nehru before, but cautious of hype, I stayed away from the young producer/MC. I downloaded his FreeP, and finally gave it a listen during some downtime. It’s celebration time!  Nehruvia: The Nehruvian EP isn’t everything teenaged Rahdu would enjoy but soulful burners like User$ make 30+ Rahdu immensely happy. Not only does this project represent the youthful renaissance of hip hop, it also reflects the current movement of dope releases from Mass Appeal. Grab it now

Bishop Nehru – User$

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Posted by DJRahdu