BamaLoveSoul Presents – FALL…in [Download]

Cooler days are swiftly moving upon us again, signaling that climates are becoming favorable for the season to begin. What season you may ask? Why, the Cuffin' Season of course you twit.

Cooler days are swiftly moving upon us again, signaling that climates are becoming favorable for the season to begin. What season you may ask? Why, the Cuffin’ Season of course you twit.

I’m not gonna go into all the what, when, where and why of the season. I’ve already touched on it briefly last year plus that’s better left for others to do anyway. Hell, there’s even a Cuffin’ Calendar to help you keep track of all your…Cuffery.

What I will say is that if you been slippin’ on your pimpin’ this whole Summer, you’ve almost waited too long cause best believe some people have been plotting and planning to be all Boo’d up by Sept. 22nd this year, since June 20th of last year.

But let’s say you’ve been putting in some work during the heatwave, spending QT with a special someone(s) but you haven’t quite sealed the deal on taking it and all the fringe benefits into the next season yet. Well, here’s your seasonal soundtrack to help you over that little hurdle. Each song of this compilation has been well scrutinized, continuously played and meticulously placed in a specific order to help you take the leap and even possibly Fall…in love.



All you need to do now is get that certain someone(s) alone, press play, follow along and let the day/night take its course.



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  • Jade

    Love this! Would love a tracklist, though :)

  • SquarerootZ

    More fun if you don’t know what song to expect next but the tracklist is in the download Jade. :)

  • sinnawitsoul

    I have officially gone in. This mix is for grown folks only. That is all

  • awwww yeah! i hear leon king on the second track. knowingness is the tune. thanks for sharing the mix. *now to locate a potential boo to share this mix with lol*

  • Ed

    Glad you said that because I’m wondering who did that “ask yourself a question” joint. Hot ish!

  • SquarerootZ

    Don’t hurt nobody today!

  • SquarerootZ

    That’s one of my faves from Mr DeVaughn. I think it was recorded during the “Love Experience” timeframe but was on a mixtape instead of the album.

  • SquarerootZ

    Grown folks can ALWAYS use a new soundtrack!

  • sinnawitsoul

    Ask Yourself is from Devaughn’s first CD The Love Experience

    I too, need to find a boo and go fall in…so we can stand in…afterwards

  • SquarerootZ

    @Sinnawitsoul I stand corrected and I again say “Don’t hurt nobody” while finding a Boo!

  • feelin’ the mix!! i’m a subscriber of the itunes podcast and the tracklisting doesn’t appear in the information–do i have to download it as well from the link above to get the tracklisting?

  • Mamaplays2win

    This mix is FIRE! But I subscribe to the podcast so how can I get a tracklist without downloading the mix again? I need to support all these artists so they can keep making real soul music.

  • efigee

    Late to the game the link to download is not working anyway I can get a down load of this,without itunes