BamaLoveSoul Presents: Anthony Hamilton – “The Hamilton Project”

In case you weren’t aware, Carolina soulman Anthony Hamilton is currently on tour in the effort to drum up some buzz for the December 13th release of his new “Back To Love” LP.

So early this AM, while I was trolling the interwebs for more news of said forthcoming album,  it occurred to me that this year alone Hamilton has had a decent amount of “unreleased” tracks miraculously materialize with the kind of spontaneous conception that we’ve come to expect in this file sharing age.

No clue as to whether these tracks were potentials for the LP that mysteriously found themselves on the digital cutting room floor or if they were simply never ment for the masses to gain access to until Ant and/or his label came to some agreement on what to do with them.

Well we found something to do with them. Think of this as a precursor to the actual album.

Download HERE

A couple of these tracks are sparse, simple ballads. A few are more of a mid-tempo toe-tap groove and one slow burner speaks of past hurt, pain and the forgiveness that sometimes comes when one asks a bruised heart to give you another chance.

But all the tracks here have one thing in common, they are undoubtedly driven by Anthony’s passionate and mellow tenor.

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  • Thx for sharing, love these 3 tracks: “After All” , “Have It Your Way” & “Had To Learn From Love”…
    Keep on the good sound!

  • Jon Betts

    Is there any chance this could be re-uploaded please? :-)

  • Jon Betts


  • No sad faces fam. We got you. Enjoy!

  • Jon Betts

    Thank you so much, you’ve made my week!