BamaLoveSoul.Com to release artist compilation on vinyl with your help

As we prepare to enter our 5th year of decreasing your hard drive space, we also want to achieve a long time goal and take up some space in your record collection as well. In addition to our love of exposing our audience to alternative and sometimes unfamiliar yet great music via, we also are vinyl enthusiasts.

Advances in technology and the subsequent cheapening thereof have allowed artists to create and release music quickly and without the bureaucracy of record labels but usually only in one of two formats: cd or digital.

We’d like to showcase some of the artists that are creating really fantastic music right now and release this compilation on the best sounding, yet somewhat expensive medium of vinyl .

Where you come in:

Kickstarter is a website that allows others to help fund creative projects. I would like to ask you to donate whatever you can to help us create and distribute a limited pressing of our compilation on vinyl. We’ve already reached out to artists who are willing to donate songs for the album and all we need now is the backing of friends like you to help us release our compilation. The deadline is April 15th 2012 and we are offering incentives towards donations:

$1 – Our eternal, and undying thanks!
$5 – Digital download of the compilation
$25 – Your name listed in the Thank You section of the liner notes
$35 – Digi Download, your name listed in the Thank You section of the liner notes and a shoutout on the outro of the album
$50 – FREE test pressing of the album (the first fifty to donate $50)
$100 – Your music project promoted in the BamaLoveSoul newsletter (limit 5)
$400 – DJ Rahdu DJs your event/party (limit 3) (maximum of 4 hours and backer provides transportation and lodging)

But if you could donate as little as little as $1 towards helping us reach our goal of $5000.00, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Donate HERE

Thank you in advance,

DJ Rahdu



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