BamaLoveSoul.Com Presents The Next Movement: Robert Glasper Mix

Well, by now everyone should know about Robert Glasper’s phenomenal album that’s dropping at the end of next month.  Black Radio is going to be one of the best albums of 2012 and will definitely set the mark for what future albums should sound like. This is no surprise, the brother is affiliated with every musician of note and is more than noteworthy himself.

To be completely honest, my first exposure to Glasper was via his 2007 In My Element album, and ever since then I’ve been a fan. This mix can serve as a retrospective of sorts, containing tracks from Mood (2003) and Canvas(2005) as well as IME and Double Booked as well as fantastic live performances. Glasper is the perfect bridge for any soulhead who happens to also love Jazz and Hip Hop or however you want to arrange it. Glasper, being the hybrid he is, represents the new vanguard who will usher in the new sounds and styles or The Next Movement as it were.
Don’t just stand there, press play and get acquainted and cop the album when it drops!

01. Mos Def – Thieves in the Night feat Chris Dave & Robert Glasper
02. Robert Glasper – F.T.B. — In My Element
03. Myron – Relax — Myron & The Works
04. Rozzi Daime – Morning Light — Bownswood Bubblers vol.3
05. Dela – Get Busy — The Robert Glasper Beattape
06. JDilla – Dilla*Shine feat Robert Glasper & Zynzelay | Download
07. Robert Glasper Trio – Don’t Close Your Eyes feat. Bilal — Mood
08. Robert Glasper – Downtime — Double Booked
09. Robert Glasper Trio – Maiden Voyage feat. Bilal — Mood
10. Robert Glasper Experiment – Third Eye
11. Robert Glasper trio – Lil Tipsy — Mood
12. Robert Glasper – Portrait of an Angel –Canvas
13. Robert Glasper; Chris Dave; Mos Def – Thelonious
14. Robert Glasper – J Dillalaude — In My Element
15. Robert Glasper Experiment – For You — Double Booked
16. Robert Glasper – I Remember feat Bilal — Canvas
17. Jaleel Shaw – Optimism — Optimism

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Posted by DJRahdu

  • J-Shawn


  • D. Andre

    I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to you for putting peeps onto this brother.I was a relatively “late” in catching up to his discography myself. I’d say that I’ve now been following his career for over the past three years & have seen him perform with his quartet live since (last performance seen was @ the legendary Blue Note – where they were booked for SIX nites last year with the first two nites featured ‘Stokely’ (of “Mint Condition’), Lupe Fiasco on that Thursday & Friday nite – only to cap-off the weekend featuring Lalah Hathaway).

    He truly IS the “bridge” to traditional jazz-contempary jazz-hip hop & he brings it ALL!! Posting this mix can’t come at a better time – being on the cusp of what will likely be his most commercial release to-date” “Black Radio”.



    (P.S. – Definitely pull up his live recording of “Enoch Medication” on youtube that was filmed at a local radio station a few minutes away from my job… CLASSIC!!)

  • ivan

    Excellent mix. Got a preview copy of Black Radio. IT’S A BEAST!!!

  • melanie

    love this!

  • Fontaine

    oh noooo- why has it been removed?/ I NEED this!

  • Oh no don’t tell me I’m too late…the link isn’t working :-(

  • Chawat

    I can’t wait to see him live @ Barbican (London) next week!

  • yeah, the available download seems to have exceeded it’s limit on podomatic. it sounds good though…thanks for sharing the mix.

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